How does Hoomies Club work?

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Sign up for free with your email and complete your profile.

Upload your home and find your first exchange

Complete your home’s profile and when your verifications are approved you will be able to contact other members in order to find your first home exchange.

Activate your subscription

Activate your subscription to be able to register exchanges. You will be able to enjoy unlimited exchanges for 12 months and all the advantages of being a member of Hoomies Club.

Enjoy your free accommodation

Enjoy your exchange in your favorite destination, without paying for accommodation and with all the comfort of a private home. Check out your host’s HoomTips for a unique experience.

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Payment options

Annual subscription for 260€

Advantages of a premium subscription

  • Access to unlimited exchanges within 12 months without having to pay for each exchange.
  • Access to reciprocal home exchanges and home exchanges for HoomCoins as a guest.
  • Access to HoomTips, guides made by the members.
  • We give you HoomCoins upon activation and renewal.

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HoomOne for 100€

Advantages of paying per exchange

  • One-off fee for each exchange without renewal.
  • Allows you to try home exchanges without being subject to any subscription.
  • You will be able to make a reciprocal home exchange or a home exchange for HoomCoins as a guest every time you buy a HoomOne.

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Types of exchanges

Hoomies Club allows you to do different types of home exchanges according to your preferences

Home for home

Home for home

This is the reciprocal exchange in which you and another member exchange your homes during the period you agree upon. It is a home-for-home exchange. You stay in his house and he stays in your house.

You can exchange house to house during the same dates (simultaneous reciprocal exchange) or on different dates: you stay in his house during some dates and he stays in your house on different dates (non-simultaneous reciprocal exchange).

Home for HoomCoins

Home for HoomCoins

You can stay at other members’ houses in exchange for HoomCoins and other members can stay at your house in exchange for giving you HoomCoins. You use HoomCoins as barter currency to be able to stay at other members’ homes without the need for those members to stay at your home. HoomCoins cannot be bought, they can be obtained by hosting members in your home and they will be accumulated in your account so that you can use them in exchanges for HoomCoins with other members.

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